Parliamentarian Services

Turn long, difficult meetings into short, PAINLESS meetings.

What is a Parliamentarian?

A parliamentarian is a consultant who advises the presiding officer and other officers, committees, and members on matters of parliamentary procedure. Parliamentarians are frequently used to assist with procedure during conventions and board meetings. Such advisers often turn long, difficult meetings into short, painless ones.

Who benefits from parliamentarian services?

Any organization in which every member has an equal vote and uses Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised will benefit greatly from the services of our Professional Registered Parliamentarians®. Such organizations include:

        • Professional Associations, Trade Unions, and Civic Associations

        • Boards (Boards of Directors, School Boards, City Councils)

        • Homeowners' Associations

        • Parent/Teacher Associations

        • Fraternities & Sororities

Our Professional Registered Parliamentarians® (PRP) can provide many useful services including:

        • Create or revise bylaws

        • Train officers and committee chairs

        • Conduct parliamentary classes and workshops

        • Preside (neutrally) over particularly contentious meetings

        • Provide formal parliamentary opinions and advise on parliamentary tactics, strategy, and script writing

Consult with one of our Professional Registered Parliamentarians® (PRP) today and get your business done better!